CJS Scientific - Consultancy to the Pharmaceutical and Agrochemical Industries
Our lead consultants
Dr Chris Springall MB, ChB. DipRCPath (Tox)
A very experienced medically qualified expert in the development of new medicines with a high scientific reputation in the fields of toxicologic pathology and toxicology and an extensive network of contacts in Europe, USA and Japan.
A 30 year career beginning in toxicologic pathology has broadened to encompass all aspects of drug and agrochemical development. The medical training has consistently been a distinct advantage in bridging the gap from animal to man and in advising on factors to be considered in later stage clinical trials.
Extensive experience in the CRO, BigPharma and Agrochemical environments has given exposure to an extremely wide variety of compound classes and therapeutic areas. Designing development programmes frequently, but by no means exclusively, aimed at Phase I and IIa for has further refined the skills to progress quickly but safely to FIH studies.
Acting as advisor to the ethical committee at a Phase I clinic required extrapolation of data and an in depth risk analysis, particularly when considering safe starting dose in volunteer trials.
Designing full development programmes for a large number of new products, NCE and biologics, has further refined the skills to progress quickly and safely to the market.
Full CV available on request
Jan Kelly MSc.
An experienced Toxicologist with extensive experience in both the scientific and operational arenas gained in a 30+ year career.
Initally working in fundemental research, the last 25 years have been spent in toxicology progressing from Study Director to scientific management and latterly facility management in the CRO industry.  Prior to joining CJS Scientific was Director of Operations, overseeing the construction, commissioning and opening of a new Non-Clinical Safety Assessment facility in Shanghai and providing scientific leadership of the team.
Made poster and platform presentations at a large number of leading scientific meetings and symposia in the UK, Europe, the USA and Japan and is co-author on a number of scientific papers.
Former member of the ABPI Animal Welfare Expert Network, the BioSciences Federation Animal Sciences Group, LANTRA and the European Partnership on Animal Alternatives representing the Contract Research Industry and active participation in several working groups concerned with scientific and technical training and development. 
Full CV available on request